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How can I avoid rejection of visa?

Nothing is more painful than having a visa refusal, despite putting several hours into all the paperwork. To save you from the pain, we have collated some mistakes that you can avoid
Timely submission
Be careful to submit your application on time. Early applications will always have a better chance of being accepted.
Missing information
Make sure you cross-check the details on the visa application form. We may unintentionally forget to sign or leave off certain crucial sections. This frequently gives visa officials a reason to deny a request.
Expiry passports
If your passport doesn't contain at least two vacant pages and a minimum validity of six months, your application will be rejected. Keep a tab on that.
Changed Names
Misspelling one's name on a visa application is among the most absurd and frequent errors made by many applicants. Provide all the details with mentioned criteria.
Fewer funds
To ensure that you won't become a liability to the nation, this is undoubtedly the most crucial factor that the visa official will consider. Therefore, if you have a substantial sum in your bank, getting a visa will be simpler.
Changing Signatures
Like other forms of documents, an application for an overseas visa cannot contain any inaccuracies. Therefore, be sure that your signatures exactly match each other or your application will be rejected.
Avoid Oversharing
Speaking up at inappropriate times and extra during an interview for a visa is one of the biggest blunders you should steer clear of.
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