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How do I work in Canada?

You must know that a work visa in Canada is issued for a specific period of time to every foreign national. Let us talk about the possible ways of working in Canada in order to ameliorate the economic growth of the country.
  • Two passport sized pictures

  • Education certificates

  • Proof of work experience

  • Medical certificate

  • Valid passport

  • Proof of funds

  • Application fee

Documents required for work permit

                   Open work permit

  • You can work for any employer
  • Visa is not job specific
  • If a compliance fee is paid, then you don't require LMIA or an offer letter.
There are two different types of work permit
  • Allows you to work for a specific work permit

  • Pertains to a single employer

Employer specific work permit
  • Provide a valid document to the immigration delegates to leave the country after the expiry of work permit.

  • Proof of funds to support your family.

  • A valid document stating no criminal record

Eligibility maxim for work permit
  • A valid medical examination certificate
  • A document stating that you are no danger to the society.
  • Credential canon like biometric details, language skills etc should be met.


Adding on, Canada immigration services allow the family members to immigrate through Dependent work visa

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  • Children can study in Canadian Education Institutes
  • Spouse can apply for open work permit visa
  • Spouses and children can join if you attain a job offer.
The following conditions apply
  • Update your C.V
  • Use social media
  • Research and follow up
Process of applying for a job in Canada
  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Crew member
  • Short term researcher
  • Military personnel
  • Student working off campus
  • Examiner and Evaluator
  • Health care student
  • Public Speaker
  • Judge


Some jobs where work permit is not necessary
  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Crew member
  • Short term researcher
Some jobs where work permit is not necessary
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