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How I Prepared for My IELTS Language Exam

Preparation for IELTS depends on factors that can affect your score, so it is essential to have a plan for preparation before appearing. The main factor is your interest in the language which can take you a long way.
Books from Cambridge and other sources can be used for preparation; by solving more and more test papers, you will feel more confident about the test.
Hire a certified IELTS trainer who is well-versed in the language and can make you understand the requirements and strategies to gain more band scores.
English movies, podcasts, and novels are a great entertainment and educational source.
Movies and Podcasts
You must regularly interact with people in the language you are trying to learn, with teachers, friends, or colleagues. You will feel more confident about speaking during the exam.
Keep solving grammar exercises or vocabulary-related games, etcetera, for self-evaluation. You can predict your Reading and Listening score easily through this method.
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