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How Long Are GRE Scores Valid

Graduate schools in the United States and Canada use the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), a standardized test, to establish an applicant's suitability for the program administered and owned by Educational Testing Service (ETS).
Types of GRE Test
The GRE Subject Test and the GRE General Test are two sorts of GRE tests. The type of test that must be taken depends on the scholarship or the university.
How is GRE scored?
The analytical part is scored on a 0–6 scale, and the verbal and quantitative parts are scored on a 130–170 scale.
Validity of GRE Scores
ETS keeps a copy of the score report for five years, during which time your GRE scores are valid. Also, schools accept the scores issued up to five years ago.
GRE Scores After Expiration
GRE scores cannot be accessed once the validity period has passed. Five years after the exam date, ETS removes your score from its database.
When are GRE scores available?
After your test date, you will receive your scores in 10–15 days. Through your account, you can access the scores on the ETS website.
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