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How to apply for Express Entry to Canada ?

Express Entry is one of the most popular and fastest ways of applying for PR in Canada. The applications of the willing skilled workers are accessed in order to provide permanent residency to them.
● Check your eligibility
● Know your score
● Be ready with all the documents
● Create your profile
● Wait for the invitation to apply
Let us walk through the ways of applying for Express Entry to Canada.
Eligible candidates are graded according to the Comprehensive Ranking System , a point based score grid that determines your eligibility criteria
Candidates with the highest scores are highly preferred in the express entry pool. The express entry description of each candidate is valid for one year.
Every two weeks, the selection process takes place and candidates that most fit the pool are invited to apply for the permanent residents.
Candidates receiving the invitation to apply (ITA), look forward to getting their application approved within a span of 6 months.
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