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How to become a CID officer after 12th Arts

Currently, CID has grown to be a crucial service for the nation. Let's learn more about How to make a career as a CID officer after completing 12th Arts.
• To work as a CID officer, an applicant must be an Indian citizen.
• The position of CID officer is open to both men and women.
• A candidate must have completed at least the 12th grade to be a CID officer.
Educational Qualification
After that, the candidate must have earned their diploma following their educational requirements. He or she may submit an application for the above position in the CID department to the UPSC.
Candidates must have graduated or completed their post-graduate studies from a university that is recognised in order to become a CID officer.
A candidate must pass a written test, a physical test, and an interview.
Selection pattern
The following attempts are fixed for students:

There are four attempts for the general category, seven for the OBC category, and no limits for the SC/ST category.
Attempts possible
You must meet certain physical requirements to work as a CID officer, such as the following:

1. Men must be at least 165 cm tall.

2. To become a CID officer, a woman should be -150 cm tall.
Physical Requirements
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