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How to Calculate IELTS speaking score?

The speaking module of IELTS assesses your ability to communicate in English and band scores are awarded for the same. However, the speaking scores can be calculated using four criterias. Let talk about them.
 Four criterias of IELTS speaking
● Fluency and coherence
● Lexical resource
● Pronunciation
● Grammatical range & accuracy
When we talk about fluency and coherence, it states that your speech should be structured and very clear.
In the case of Lexical resources, you must incorporate rich vocabulary to enhance your spontaneity while speaking.
Grammatical range and accuracy assesses your grammatical skills and the pronunciation aspect judges you with how natural you sound while speaking.
An example of score calculation
Fluency & coherence ; 7.5
Lexical resource ; 7
Pronunciation ; 7
Grammatical & accuracy ; 7.5
7.5+7+7+7.5/4 = 7.25 round to - 7.5

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