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How to Fund your Education Abroad 3 Ways?

Saving money is the basic way to fund foreign education but the amount one accumulates this way generally won’t be enough. However, other ways can be combined with savings to bring an overseas degree within your reach.
Ways of funding
Scholarships and grants:
Scholarships are sometimes provided by foreign institutions based on merit or some other criteria. Various organizations provide scholarships to those who wish to study abroad.
Systematic Investment Plan:
This option is ideal for working people who wish to pursue higher studies at a foreign university. However, the number of years is key in determining if this way of funding will work effectively.
Education loans
Student Loans, as well as loans for individuals wanting to study abroad, are easily available. After saving and maximizing the scholarship option, a loan can be availed of to meet the additional costs.
The three basic costs that need to be taken into account are:
• Tuition fees
• Accommodation
• Living expenses
Here are examples of European universities that provide scholarships:
• The University of Oxford, the UK
• The University of Bristol the UK
• Utrecht University, the Netherlands
• The University of Bologna, Italy
• Uppsala University, Sweden
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