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How to get 95 percent in class 10 CBSE 2023?

We have included all the advice given by teachers and educators, as well as the points that previous CBSE toppers followed, to enable pupils to achieve better than 95% on the CBSE Board Exams.
Develop a daily schedule that breaks down when you should accomplish each activity, such as eating, sleeping, studying, attending coaching etc.
1. Keep a timetable
Solving previous year's papers can help you understand the types of problems that will be asked so you may be ready.
2. Practice papers from previous CBSE 10 exams
The ideal time of day to study is not fixed. However, the best time to memorize is in the early morning.
3. In the morning, study memorization-intensive material
NCERT books are required by CBSE for all classes, from I to XII. The majority of board exam questions are identical to or closely related to NCERT questions.
4. Solve NCERT questions
Both the content and the style of your writing are crucial. Your paper should be organized, professional, and readable.
5. Work on presenting the answers
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