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How to get good scores in IELTS speaking

The last component of the IELTS test is the IELTS Speaking Module. Well, the speaking test is conducted for 11 to 14 minutes and is divided into three different parts which includes introduction, cue card and discussion. Ever wondered, How can you speak fluently?
Speak as much as you can
Since it is a face to face conversation, it is quite evident that your speaking skills are accessed totally. However, speaking for the maximum time is a plus.
Elaborate your answer
Giving on point answers is not appreciated, rather you must elaborate your answer while speaking in order to give a better impression to the examiner.
Be fearless
Make sure that you do not hesitate while giving the test rather be fearless and speak. This attitude can fetch you better scores.
Gather your thoughts on time
Before you respond to the question, take time to gather your thoughts in order to avoid fumbling.
Develop good pace
Keep a consistent pace of speaking and don't be very slow as this in turn might make the examiner lose interest in your verbal content.
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