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How to improve your vocabulary in 3 easy steps!

Developing a strong vocabulary will help you convey your ideas more effectively which can help you avoid misunderstandings and gain clarity. We'll talk here about how to develop your vocabulary.
Make reading a habit
It can be great to see words used in novels or news articles than it is to see them on vocabulary lists. You not only become aware of new words, but you also observe their usage. Next, you can start to diversify it.
Learn some strategies
You can develop some interesting strategies like playing word games. Perhaps use mnemonics, use the root words, flashcards, or follow "word of the day" feeds. Whatever suits you best, go for that.
Start Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening
You won’t know it until you do it. Make it a point to use any fascinating words you come across in your reading, listening, writing and in conversation.
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