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How to score 100 marks in UP Board 12th Physics

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are the three disciplines you must study for class 10 science. Check out the Physics-specific study advice for scoring 100 in UP 12th board.
Every kid learns differently. To prepare for exams, you must adopt a standard strategy. To prevent last-minute craziness, treat each internal exam like a board exam.
Start early
For improved revision, students should jot down and learn all chapter-specific formulas. Students must grasp the fundamentals of each theory and how to apply it through derivation before looking at the answer.
Prepare for numerics
It is generally advised that students solve more Previous Year Papers. By practicing question papers, students can keep track of their level of preparation and identify any crucial or insufficient areas.
Practice old question paper
A good approach would be to focus on significant units that have greater weight in order to complete the syllabus quickly. This method lightens the load on pupils by finishing the most crucial chapters first
Understand the units
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