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How to score 90 percent in class 10 in 1 month

What are the quickest techniques for acing a board exam? Every student thinks about this topic because it is simple and common.To minimise last-minute headaches, students must start their board study as soon as the term begins.
Without thoughtful planning, achieving the goal will be challenging. Therefore, in order to ensure preparation for the upcoming board exams, each student needs to establish and adhere to a reasonable
study schedule.
Make a schedule
Every kid learns differently. To prepare for exams, you must adopt a standard strategy. To prevent last-minute craziness, treat each internal exam like a board exam.
Start early
Beginning a month before the test, students start reviewing previously learned chapters and noting key formulas. For each subject, there is a need of different strategy.
Different Subject Different Strategies
Simply stop participating in all social activities and bid adieu to all the social media websites where you spend the majority of your time. As this time will determine your future.
Don't use social media at all
Students always ignore Language subjects. Their prime focus is Science or Maths. Remember that these
are less scoring subjects and lead to drop in overall percentage.
Don’t ignore language subjects
While writing answers, take your time. First, examine the question paper and plan which questions you will attempt first. Since you cannot rush through long answer questions when there is a time crunch, try to tackle them first.
In the Exam
Never forget to proofread. At times, Students rush when they are done with their answers. This can be a reason for deductions in the exam.
Take your time
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