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How to score good marks in class 10 state board

Every student has common questions on their minds as the Class 10 state board exams draw near. What are the tricks and tactics to get over 90%? How do we accomplish this?
To assist you in effectively and systematically preparing for the Class 10 state board exams, we plan to provide a few tips and tactics from seasoned teachers and board test winners.
The earlier, the better is a cliche. It is challenging to determine when each of you should begin preparing because every kid learns at a different rate and has varied comprehension abilities.
Start preparing right away
Don't leave your textbook. The foundational information is included in the book materials for both board examinations and competitive tests.
Study of textbooks
Try to answer as many practice questions as you can. It will make you more self-assured. There are many additional benefits to studying from sample papers that one can consider. It can assist you in overcoming your weakness.
Sample papers
Organize your syllabus into manageable sections or by topic. The small-scale study aids in our ability to quickly comprehend portions. You'll feel less pressure when studying.
Don’t do it all
The most important moment for each student is the final few hours before a test. Don't spend those
hours studying. During those times allow your brain to unwind and settle.
Last few hours
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