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How well can the droppers prepare for JEE Advanced 2023?

Quite possible that many of you don't succeed in the first attempt and it certainly does not mean that you have faced failure. However, the droppers can self analyze their mistakes and appear for the exam with better strategies.
Efficient utilization of time can help you score in a better way. Smart work and hard work should go hand in hand.
Utilization of time
It is better that you study for a longer stretch and take fair breaks in between so that you can retain the content in your mind.
Study for longer hours
You need to give equal time to all your subjects and focus on your weak points for better performance in future.
Focus on weak areas
You should not be in the habit of believing that you will not be able to crack the exam, rather keep encouraging yourself and calm your mind.
Encourage yourself
If you are a dropper, you will have ample time to study more and revise timely. Thus, take advantage of this fact and then appear for the exam.
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