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IAS salary and facilities

When compared to other professions, IAS officers are in a different category because of the privileges they receive. Most applicants may be wondering what amenities Indian IAS officers have access to.
They receive earnings that are nearly equal to the pay scale in the private sector following the 7th Pay Commission. The facilities, pay of working as an IAS officer are discussed in this post.
The starting package of an IAS is 56100 and years into the service it can go as high as 15.75 lakh annually too. It changes as per the post and years of service.
No other job can compare to the abilities and resources of an IAS officer. The list of benefits obtained by an IAS officer is shown here:
An officer is given a security guard for himself and his family due to the high profile and frequently dangerous nature of the job. They also receive STF commandos when there is a threat to their lives.
IAS officers are given housing with either very low or no rent. Additionally, they offered the services of butlers, cooks, maids, gardeners, and security personnel.
When officers travel to Delhi, they can stay at Government guest homes for a reduced rate. They might utilise the lodging offered in the relevant state Bhavan.
During Trips
In order to get the job done, they are given official vehicles with a driver.
In general, officers receive heavily discounted rates on gas, water, and electricity.
IAS officers have a secure position because it is difficult to dismiss an officer and the procedure necessitates a thorough investigation as required by the constitution.
Job stability
IAS officers are granted a formal 2–4-year study leave, which is a fantastic perk. They can also enrol in courses at reputable overseas universities, with government funding covering the costs.
Leaves for study
A lot of officers are also sought after by private consulting firms due to their essential administrative skills. Moreover, they benefit from lifetime pensions and other retirement advantages.
Benefits after retirement
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