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IELTS 2023 Qualifying Score

You should put getting decent IELTS scores on your list. It may influence how you submit applications. In order to help you plan for the IELTS qualifying score, consider the following important information:
IELTS scores are given on a nine-band scale, with each band representing a certain level of English language proficiency. So, from "band-1" (non-user) to "band-9," the scores range (expert user).
Scale of 9 band
Each of the test's four sections— Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking—is assigned a score band. The average of the individual scores for each section results in the overall band score.
How do you get band
The admittance requirements of many prestigious international colleges are met by a score of 6.5 out of 9 which is regarded as competent! It changes university to university. It can be 6 or 7 and above as well.
Required academic score
Different visa requires different band scores. For example, the English benchmark for Canada's Federal Skilled Trades Program is 5, which is equivalent to a 5.0 overall score.
General training required score
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