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IELTS 2023 Study Plan for 15 Days

Preparation for IELTS usually takes around two months; however, if you only have 15 days, you must plan these days beforehand. Manage your time wisely and skillfully. Your study plan for 15 days must include the following:
Build vocabulary
Make a list of words containing Topic-specific vocabulary and understand the usage of terminology based on a topic. This will help with Writing as well as Speaking
Solve one test each day
For the next fifteen days, ensure that you complete a whole test each day and sit in a quiet place and follow time limits and instructions properly.
Cover all topics
Try to cover as many topics as possible. The Speaking and Writing topics might overlap therefore, you can prepare for both together. Remember that questions can be changed, but the basic topics are generally the same
Cover all question types
Whether it is Reading, Listening, Speaking, or Writing, try to solve questions of each type and format so that you feel confident and comfortable during the actual test.
Read and understand the marking criteria
If you know the requirements of the test based on the marking system, you can score better.
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