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IELTS 2023 Study Plan for one month (30 Days)

It is essential that you plan ahead and then start preparing for the IELTS test. This technical language proficiency test expects the candidates to be aware of and comfortable with the question and topic types.
If you have one month to prepare for the test, you must have a timetable to help you prepare properly.
Here is a study plan for a month’s preparation period:
Every day
For the next 30 days, you must solve one whole IELTS test. That means you need a new test each day. Don’t forget to follow the time limits and instructions given. You may self-evaluate for the Reading and Listening module.
Every alternate day
Make a list of words and phrases for a topic each alternate day. That means picking at least 15 topics and making 15 lists which include topic-specific vocabulary and sentence examples.
Every week
For 3 to 4 hours, spend time on knowing your mistakes and working on them. You must find a certified IELTS trainer to help you know your mistakes in the Writing and Speaking module.
Two days before the test: work on your latest mistakes
As mentioned, you solved five tests this week, so now is the time to review them and notice the mistakes made to avoid repeating them on exam day.
A day before the Exam-Relax
Try relaxing as you need to save energy for the final test. To distract yourself from the stress, watch a light-hearted English movie or listen to a podcast. Remember to have a healthy meal each day.
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