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IELTS Bar Graph Vocabulary

IELTS, a skill-based test, expects you to use suitable language and a range of vocabulary. For bar graphs in Writing task 1, the examiners look for specific words that describe trends and help the candidate make relevant comparisons.
One of the four band descriptors comprising 25% of the score for Writing is the lexical resource, and for this, you need a range of words that are not only relevant but are also less common. You are marked out of 9.
Lexical Resource
Choosing suitable linking devices can allow the candidate to make an answer that is properly connected and organized. For example: Further, Additionally etc.
Transition words or Connectors
They are used when a comparison between data has to be highlighted, and words like higher, lower or smaller, and larger are used.
Comparative Adjectives
Adverbs describe verbs when a trend has to be reported or any change is to be explained, which is when appropriate adverbs are helpful. For example: Tremendously, rapidly, marginally, etc.
To report particular figures paraphrasing techniques can be used. For example: 2% = a tiny proportion of/ 2-10% = a mere 3 percent OR a mere 5 % of/ 20% = a fifth/ 24% = almost a quarter/ 25% = a quarter
Paraphrasing figures
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