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The IELTS writing, listening, speaking & reading modules all rely on vocabulary. The usage of vocabulary terms in the sentences regularly improves vocabulary. Let's have a look at some crucial principles about language usage that includes :
The vocabulary portion of the IELTS writing and speaking examinations, as well as the reading and listening portions, both count for 25% of the final score.
One needs to have confidence in their language in order to perform well on the IELTS, especially in the speaking and writing sections.
Try to replace popular terms in the phrases with synonyms to get better marks from the lexical resource.
As you read and listen, keep adding words to your lists of passive vocabulary. When speaking or writing, use these words to incorporate them into your active vocabulary.
Examine your essay as you write it for opportunities to incorporate the words from your vocabulary list.
A crucial exam preparation skill is active reading, which is a terrific habit to cultivate. To aid understanding, active readers mark the material they are reading with highlighting, circling, and other symbols.
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IELTS important Vocabulary