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A high band score can be obtained by taking a serious approach to the IELTS listening module and using the tactics you will see further. Prior to taking the actual IELTS Exam, these strategies must be used in practice tests.
As you read the questions, highlight the essential phrases, and attempt to guess the context of the recordings expressing the verbal content and speech, the recording will only be played once.
Determine the parts of speech, focus on the query or assertion, and make an educated guess as to what kind of data is required.
Because the first words you hear might not be the right response, be mindful of your surroundings and practise your focus. For instance, the speaker might say one thing and then give the opposite response. Pay close attention to the details.
Avoid delaying the response for too long. The order in which the questions are presented during the IELTS listening test is a huge advantage because it eliminates the necessity for backtracking.
Transfer your answers carefully because you have an additional ten minutes to do so at the end of the paper-based test. Watch your capitalization and spelling.
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