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IELTS Preparation Material

IELTS preparation mainly includes the growth in English language skills for a good band score. Each part of the test is structured in a certain way; therefore, self-preparation is possible only if you know the pattern correctly.
Firstly, the most effective material is from the test source, the Cambridge IELTS books available for all. Each book contains strategies to understand the format and tests for your practice.
Masterprep, in association with Cambridge, offers courses that only use authentic material. Each test is discussed and evaluated for a detailed performance review.
There are a few other preparation books available for students. To become aware of the basics and reach the advanced level, you may study from the four parts of Cambridge English Mindset for IELTS, series.
You can use The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS for an advanced learning procedure. This book contains guided material to understand the format and follow structures where necessary.
The masterprep IELTS-specific vocabulary book is an excellent resource for the ones who want to know more words directly related to a particular topic.
The Masterprep website www.masterprep.in has practice tests available to all at no cost, and to access them, you must log into the website right away.
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IELTS study material