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IELTS Reading Practice Test

The Cambridge IELTS has a different format for Academic and General Reading. A candidate must solve practice tests to become comfortable with the format. Many students initially find it challenging; however, enough practice can help.
You must use the Cambridge IELTS books available for both Academic and General Training practice. The material is not only authentic but also format-specific.
The Reading module consists of 40 questions, divided into three parts with about 14 questions each. You have to follow the instructions properly while precisely following the word limit.
This timed exam must be finished in 60 minutes, which includes the time needed to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. As a result, each Part/section of the test needs to be completed in 20 minutes.
After finishing one test section, you should write the answers in the answer sheet. There is no negative marking, so fill out each space provided for the answers. A sample sheet is included in each Cambridge test book.
Always save some time to check your final answers. It would be best if you looked for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Check that each answer is in order and written on the designated spot.
The speed at which you can read and locate correct answers depends a lot on the time you spend on reading as a habit. For extra practice you must inculcate this habit and IELTS reading will become easier for you.
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IELTS reading practice