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IELTS Reading tips, Improve vocabulary and score

The IELTS Reading module consists of academic-level passages; sometimes, it can take time to identify the correct answer. However, with the help of some strategies and growth in vocabulary can be helpful to achieve more band scores.
Why is there no need to read the whole passage to find the answers?
As most of the keywords from the questions can be related to the possible answers, there is no need to read the whole passage. The answers can be located by focusing on the keywords.
How much time should I spend on each question in IELTS Reading?
There are 40 questions divided into 3 sections & 60 mins. are given to complete the Reading module. Therefore, up to 1 minute must be utilized for each, not more.
Why is it important to work on vocabulary-building techniques?
The English language has a vast vocabulary, and gaining knowledge about them, takes a lot of time. Some vocabulary-building exercises can help you develop substantial control over the language.
What are vocabulary-building exercises?
If you are trying to work on language proficiency and feel that you have come across new words but cannot retain them in your mind for usage, then these exercises can help you.
What is Lexical Resource?
Lexical Resource means using appropriately used words, keeping in mind the fluency and flow of the language. In IELTS, 25% of the band for Writing and Speaking is for your Lexicon.
How to score more with little effort?
Stay focused, and check for grammar and spelling mistakes before writing down the final answers. Notice whether singular/plural is used correctly and write in clear handwriting. Anything illegible would not be accepted.
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