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IELTS scores requirement at UK universities

Mostly, all British universities and institutions accept IELTS as a valid and authentic certificate to check your English proficiency level in different study programmes. Well, let's see the minimum score required for different universities
  • University College London - 6.5

  • University of Manchester - 6.0

  • University of Bristol - 6.0

  • University of Edinburgh - 6.5

  • University of Cambridge - 7.0

  • University of Oxford - 7.0 King's

  • College London - 7.0

  • London School of Economics & Political Science - 7.0

You can appear from any of the IELTS Test centers and enter your dream college. Usually, the band score varies from 6.0 to 7.0.
Also, to study in Uk universities, you need a Tier 4 visa. In order to acquire that IELTS is very important.
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