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IELTS Slot Booking

Your English communication abilities are tested in IELTS, showing your language mastery. IELTS is the starting point of your future academic journey if you have chosen to pursue a degree abroad.
When is the right time to book an IELTS exam?
• In India, the IELTS paper-based exam is conducted 48 times/year.
• Candidates are free to select any of the 48 test dates and are also permitted to retake the exam.
• IELTS Computer-based test is conducted regularly.
Guide for IELTS slots for the paper-based & computer-based tests
• Visit the official IELTS website
• Register
• Select the type of exam and test Format
• Choose the test exam date & location.
• Pay via online mode
• Save the confirmation email
Speaking Slots
Before the pandemic 2019, Speaking slots could be booked as per availability; however, now you are given a date and a time via email or text message which is automatically generated. Call Masterprep to get further guidance.
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IELTS slot booking