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IELTS speaking topics

Three sections, one after the other, make up the speaking interview. This first section focuses more on questions that are related to daily life. The two main parts are Parts 2 and 3, with Part 3 being entirely based on the topic of Part 2.
PART 1 : Introductory and basic questions
• Do you have many books at home?
• Do you prefer to buy books or borrow them?
• What are the benefits of reading?
PART 2: Task or Cue Card
Describe a positive change in your life.
• What the change was about
• When it happened
• Describe details of the change that happened

PART 3: Follow-up Questions/ Discussion
• Do you think change is good?
• What are some significant changes that occur throughout people's lives?
• Is your country changing rapidly?

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IELTS speaking topics