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If you want to excel in an IELTS exam, you need a lot of practice. You can't prepare for it untill you don't know its exam syllabus. Tap on the screen to check the whole syllabus that will help you prepare and succeed in an IELTS exam.
TASK 1: Know all question types for Report Writing(ACA)/ Know the types of letters(GT).

TASK-2:  All essay types
The available audio bank, question types, and listening test formats are beneficial resources. Practice is key because you only listen to the audio once. You must feel at ease with various English accents.
(ACA)The passages are in academic language and each is almost 1000 words.

(GT)One passage is similar to the academic one and four are in everyday language from magazines, brochures, newspapers, etc.

PART 1: General questions about you & your interests: such as family, fashion, etc.

PART 2: Individual Long Turn: e.g. Describe an interesting animal 

PART 3: Part 2-Based discussion: e.g. 

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IETS syllabus