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Is IELTS Validity Extended to 3 years?

The validity period of IELTS has not been extended to 3 years except for the immigration of a skilled person to Australia, where the IELTS score is extended for 3 years with some conditions & requirements which an applicant must facilitate
Two Years Validity
It is of utmost importance to have clarity regarding the validity period of the IELTS Score. In Canada and other English Speaking nations, the IELTS TRF (TEST REPORT FORM) Score is valid for two years.
AUSTRALIA ( 3 years Validity):
Australian government has given the privilege of three years of IELTS score validity only to skilled and professionally certified applicants. They facilitate the criteria of the “GENERAL SKILLED MIGRANTS” category.
Academic & General Training Validity
All the universities for academics and permanent resident immigration aspirant candidates have the same two years validity for the IELTS score in the entire IELTS exam-based valid countries.
British Council & I.D.P Authentic Sources
The authenticity of the IELTS Score should be accepted from genuine sources such as the British Council and I.D.P, which conduct IELTS exams across the globe.
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