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Is it easy to get admission to Canada?

Getting admission to Canadian universities involves putting in work on your applications and student essays. With support from the right people, you can greatly increase your chances of getting into the college of your dreams.
Easy is merely a mental state
If a task appears doable due to one’s interest, it probably is; but, if it seems forced, it probably isn't. However, recent trends and data showed that it was simpler to get a visa in Canada than in the US.
If your scores are good and you have researched enough to apply to a few universities of your choice based on specific requirements, it should be a simple process. Most colleges also ask for SAT/ACT exams and language test scores.
Verify the minimum band score required and the % cut-off, then shortlist options based on your needs and your budget.
Before applying for it, you should know about:

Course relevance
Research courses, colleges, or institutions that are relevant to the field of study or area of interest; for instance, if you are a student of commerce and apply for a scientific degree, you will undoubtedly be rejected.
Verify each of the necessary documents, then prepare a list. Cross-check all you have and if there are some errors, such as name mismatches, etc., co-relate and organize.
If you believe you can't do it yourself, look into visa consulting because they are quite knowledgeable about the courses and institutes and have expertise.
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