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Last minute tips for IELTS speaking test score 8+

Many applicants who take the IELTS Speaking test consider this section to be the most difficult because it involves face-to-face communication. However, improving your score on the IELTS Speaking section is the simplest part of the test.
Maintain Fluency
Speak clearly and naturally. More points will be awarded to you. A "healthy balance" should be struck between speaking too quickly and taking lengthy pauses.
Practice responding to sample questions
Questions about subjects like work, studies, sports, family etc. will be asked of you. So, practice IELTS Speaking exam questions before the test.
If necessary, ask the question again
If you need to clarify something, don't be afraid to ask. Asking the examiner will not result in a deduction of points.
Use Emotions
Speak from the heart. Nothing distinguishes a skilled speaker from a novice, like the tone of voice.
Make a longer speech
Make an effort to talk at least as much as the examiner. One-sentence questions should be answered with two or more sentences.
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