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MBA in India vs MBA Abroad: Which is More Valuable

If you can afford it, an MBA from a mid-level university abroad is preferable to an MBA from a private institute in India. Let's look at some differences to make a choice.
An MBA abroad lasts from one to two years while an MBA in India is for two years.
Program Duration
Indian institutes offer a full-time MBA, whereas you may opt for a full-time, part-time or online MBA with overseas institutes.
Type of Course
MBA in India offer Finance, Operations, and Entrepreneurship etc. as specializations. MBA abroad also offers almost similar specializations.
Course Specializations
MBA in India is generally theoretical. However, MBA overseas offers practical knowledge as well.
Teaching Methodology
MBA in India can cost from Rs 7 to 25 lacs whereas it may cost in the range of Rs 20 to 80 lacs abroad.
Average Fee
An MBA graduate in India earns around Rs 8 to 30 lacs whereas an MBA graduate overseas earns about Rs 25 to 70 lacs annually.
Average Salary
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