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MS in US Fall vs Spring: When to Apply?

There are various queries that usually come to your mind as to the right time for applying in US Universities. Let's talk about some aspects that can help you decide which intake is better.
According to many people, the Fall intake incorporates more courses than the Spring intake yet again, it totally depends on the university you are applying to.
Various off campus internships are offered during the Fall intake, whereas in the Spring intake students usually have to wait for extra 4-5 months in order to finish the Spring cycle.
Furthermore, there are students that are much affected by the weather. However, considering the tolerable temperature, Fall intake is preferred.
There are times when you want to change your university or the course. It is certainly a process of a few months as the student transfers aren't so easy.
Well, in that case, the Fall intake would suit you better than the Spring intake as you can avail the opportunities to apply for an internship or a research project during that time.
Both the intakes have their pros and cons, you must see your preference and apply to the universities accordingly.
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MS in US : which intake