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New Language Test for Canadian Immigration by IRCC

The IRCC has approved a new language test for immigrants applying under the economic class. By the mid 2023, IRCC expect to implement this new test. The IRCC has decided to look for ways to improve.
Are the details of the test made public yet?
The Canadian government has accepted the designation-in-principle of a new language exam for candidates. The test's specifics have yet to be made public.
What is the need for a new language test?
Since all approved language tests are equal in terms of the level of difficulty and test purpose, the test is expected to be based on additional research on the CLB levels necessary.
Which tests are valid for now?
Four designated organizations are TEF and TCF for French, IELTS, and CELPIP for English.
Why must people take language tests seriously?
According to research undertaken by the Canadian government, a person's capacity to integrate into Canadian culture and the economy is significantly influenced by language proficiency.
What is the basis of research for IRCC?
IRCC is actively looking into the Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB), which some think needs to be more specific than the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
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