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PTE Score Chart

PTE provides a score on the Global Scale of English, which ranges from 10 to 90. Since the requirements differ for each course or university, you must check what level is appropriate.
The range of scores and corresponding course categories are listed:
Even for academic coursework or Foundation Year courses, this level is too low.
10–29: Too low
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It could be used for Foundation Year courses because it is too low to be used for academic study.
30-42: Limited
With an IELTS band of 4 to 5, this is classified as being in the B1 CEFR equivalent range. Typically, this would be necessary for studies at the undergraduate level.
43-58: Average
59-75: Above average
The IELTS band for this is 5.5 to 6.5, which places it in the B2 CEFR equivalency range, often required at the academic level for you to be able to follow lectures.
This range corresponds to the minimum score needed for Australian Skilled Migration Visas. English at this level is rather excellent. Undergraduate courses typically don't demand this level of English proficiency.
76-84: High
85-90:Too high
Normally, neither institutions nor the government would request such high scores. This can be considered the highest level of English competence.
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PTE score chart