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Reasons for Canada student visa rejections

Even though the applicants meet the academic and admission standards, a study visa can still be refused. As of September 2022, the Canada visa rejection rate is 60% for many Indian states.
Your bank account must have enough funds, and the requirements must be met per the course and the city.
Inadequate funding
Your program must match your educational background.
The program that does not match your Interest
Always check that all the details are filled in correctly and there are no discrepancies concerning your personal and travel details.
Incomplete identity or travel documents
Any country will only allow you to travel for a study visa if you prove that you plan to return to your nation, and this must be kept in mind while giving interviews.
The intent to Return to your Country
In case your country is facing a problem of no job opportunities, you might also have to face rejection.
No job opportunities in the country of origin
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