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Applicants must submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP), which is a concise essay outlining their goals and areas of interest. How this program will advance your business career is highlighted in your SOP for MBA in the United States.
Why is a good SOP crucial?
As SOPs help the admissions panel assess your goals, subject expertise, and future vision, many students miss out on receiving a visa just because they overlook a crucial piece of information, you need to mention:
Academic Information
Cohesively explain the details of your achievements. Avoid overextension or exaggeration of information
Write sincerely
Each university has a unique identity, and so does the focus of its MBA program. Don't, therefore, copy and paste the SOP from one business school into another to gain admission. Explain your motivation towards that school.
Professional Journey
State the details of paid and voluntary work. Include any conversations you have had with past or present students or faculty. Do not repeat information written on a resume in SOP in a chronological manner
Personal life
Describe the important events of your life and leave out the irrelevant ones.
Tell the authorities about the source of your funds.
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