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Study Abroad Fall/Spring 2023 Timeline

Fall intake generally means the semester begins in September and ends in December, whereas Spring means the semester starts in January and ends in May. More students apply for the Fall Intake, and consequently, the class sizes are bigger.
Timeline for Fall/ September 2023 Intake
August to October 2022: Use this time to research universities you wish to apply to and come up with at least 6-8 names. Gather information regarding admission requirements, the deadline for fall intake in Canada, etc.
December 2022
You must narrow down your choices and decide which colleges you will apply to. Additionally, take this time to study for the standardized tests needed for admission.
January to March 2023
Appear for the standardized exams and apply to the shortlisted universities.
April 2023
Apply for the student visa in your home country and appear for the visa interview
May to July 2023
Attend any group discussions or interviews and wait for the admissions decision. Confirm your admission and finish the enrolment procedure if you are accepted. Additionally, if you qualify for any admission scholarships, you will be informed.
August and September 2023
Check your student visa documentation and submit applications for any outside scholarships or student loans. Make housing arrangements in Canada and begin packing your things!
Timeline for Spring 2024 (Process starts in 2023)
•Equivalent to the Fall semester, the Spring semester is also 16-18 weeks long.

•Fall semester can feel incredibly rushed for those applying to join immediately after graduation.
•Students opting to apply for the Spring semester should be done with their applications by Sept/Oct of the previous year, i.e., to be enrolled in the Spring of 2024, candidates must apply by October 2023.
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