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Study in Canada Vs Australia - Which is Better?

Both nations have unique things to offer. Students may be drawn to the lovely beaches of Australia and the majestic mountains and hills of Canada, but which nation offers the finest university/college educational experience?
The cost
Canadian universities offer more affordable quality education with a cheaper cost of living. Australian universities charge slightly higher tuition fees as compared to Canadian ones.
Work permit
Canada offers 3 years of post-education work permits. Under this work permit, students can work in any industry. While, Australia offers work permits for 18 months, under which students can work in various industries or fields.
PR process
While working under a Graduation Work permit, students can also apply for Permanent Residency under the Canadian Experience Class. Getting an Australian PR is a lengthier and more complicated process as compared to Canada.
Course duration
A bachelor’s degree in Canada is for 3 years which is shorter than in Australian universities. The degree programs in Australia are longer compared to those in Canada. The UG degree in Australia can stretch to 4 years.
Canada over Australia
Canada has remained one of the top destinations for educational tourism in the world. The country is extremely friendly and open to immigration.
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