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Only 2,664 of the approximately 120,000 international students studying at New Zealand institutions in 2022 were of Indian descent. Studying in New Zealand has emerged as one of the top options for overseas students.
Established in 2016, the main purpose is to draw top-tier overseas students to enrollĀ in undergraduate or graduate teaching programs.
The University of Auckland International Student Excellence Scholarships
Established in 2022, the main aim is to entice high-caliber new overseas students from India to enroll full-time in taught undergraduate or graduate programs.
The University of Auckland India High Achievers Scholarship
The Massey University Overseas Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship is designed to attract talented and high-achieving international postgraduate students to Massey University for full-time study.
Massey University International Postgraduate Excellence Scholarship
It is offered to candidates undertaking research in any field as part of a master's degree.
Massey University Master's Research Scholarship
All international students pursuing bachelor's degrees in a variety of fields of study are eligible for the award.
Otago Polytechnic Bachelors scholarship
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