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The importance of immigrants in American society

Immigrants are at the heart of invention and originality in the United States, accounting for a relatively high share of patent filings, science and technology graduates, and senior positions at elite venture capital-funded firms.
The world's greatest immigrant population currently resides in the United States. The combined federal, state, and local budgets are positively impacted by immigration. However, not all taxpayers profit in the same way.
The evidence available indicates that immigration increases innovation, a workforce with a higher level of education, occupational specialty, the match between skills and employment, and overall economic productivity.
Less educated immigrants can lack the linguistic abilities needed for many jobs; and, most work in labor-intensive work like agriculture and construction. Hence, they complement American-born workers rather than displace them.
Labour work
The effect of greater competition from immigrants is unclear even for low-skilled native workers, as many take advantage of their superior language skills and move into sectors where these
qualities are desirable.
The shift
Indeed, the past few decades' experiences show that immigration may have major long-term benefits for the native-born, pushing people into higher-paying professions and accelerating
total innovation and productivity growth.
Most economists agree that immigration has a largely suitable impact on the American economy. While natives bear some upfront costs to provide public services to immigrants, studies suggest a net positive return over time.
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