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The top 5 most popular visas for immigrants to United States

There are five different US visa types for potential immigrants to enter the United States of America as it is a renowned destination due to its superior infrastructure and advanced innovation in technology
5 most popular visas for immigration are
  • Can apply for permanent residency
  • Includes family based immigration visa and employment based immigration visa
  • Approved by CIS
Immigrant visa
  • Can apply if you have closeness with a relative
  • Relative must be 21 years of age
  • Relative must acquire US Citizenship
  • Relative must be an immediate one
Family based immigration
  • Can apply on employment basis
  • Different categories include, EB -1A, EB - 1B, EB - 1C, EB - 2, EB - 3, EB 4, EB - 5.
Employment based immigration
  • Very popular among Indians
  • Can apply in special occupations category
  • Jobs are preferred in domains like Architecture, Accounting, Law, Engineering, etc.
H-1 B Visa
  • Can apply to pursue study in America
  • A document from the institute is mandatory
  • Two kinds of student visas are, F - 1 Visa, M - 1 Visa.
Student visa
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