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TOEFL score for ivy league

Many people consider Ivy League institutions to be the best and most well-liked group of colleges and universities in the world because these educational institutions provide their pupils a high-quality education
It is not easy to get accepted into an Ivy League university. Future applicants must also show proof of their English language skills, especially non-native English speakers and international students, along with SAT or ACT.
The total of your TOEFL scores for all four sections is 120 (30 + 30 + 30 + 30). Your reading, listening, writing, and speaking abilities are all equally weighted across the four areas.
Before you take the test, understand the TOEFL score
Knowing your particular goal is essential because each educational institution has different TOEFL criteria. Visit the admissions pages of the colleges you are considering to learn more.
What is good TOEFL score?
TOEFL scores typically need to be greater than 100 in order to get accepted into an Elite University. A score of 105 or more is a good goal for this, with a sectional score of at least 26.
What is a suitable TOEFL score for Ivy League institutions?
Learn more from admission pages since Ivy League colleges typically have an additional "sectional TOEFL cut-off. This means that for any of the reading, writing, speaking, or listening components, you cannot fall below a particular level.
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