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Top 3 major changes on Canada Immigration

The announcement of the Immigration Levels Plan for 2023–2025, census data on immigration, and other important developments are expected in the coming weeks. The target for 2022 is 432,000 new permanent residents, and over 451,000 by 2024.
In the recent express entry draw, held in September, the Canadian IRCC issued permanent residency invitations to 3,750 candidates. This was the 7th draw since the visa application process reopened on July 6.
Over the next three years, the immigrants who will be allowed to enter Canada will be divided into economic class, family class, and humanitarian class programmes.
Canada will issue 23,100 ITAs under the Parents & Grandparents Program in 2022. IRCC has announced that the Parents & Grandparents Program (PGP) 2022 selection process will be similar to the PGP 2021.
The Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is planning to announce the PGP 2022 process in late October and the Immigration Levels Plan 2023–2025 by November 1.
Statistics Canada will release census data on immigration from 2021 later this month, which will include information on the most recent immigrants.
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