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Top B.Ed. Courses/Subjects

B.Ed. or Bachelor of Education is not an undergraduate degree and to enroll in this course, a student must have completed graduation in any stream. It is aimed at those people who aim to be teachers.
The majors in Biological Sciences lead to a study of the human body and its functions. Further, it may be divided in Botany and Zoology.
Biological Sciences
This major leads to study of mathematical concepts and problem-solving. It is for a duration of 2 years.
In this specialization, the student studies various concepts in the major of Physics like Universe, Energy, Motion and Matter etcetera.
In this B. Ed. Major, a student will specialize in the field of Political Science and studies behaviors in national and international politics
Political Science
This B. Ed. major covers the fundamental concepts of Economics and lays the basis for a teaching in the field of Economics.
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