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Top Data Science Courses In the USA

Want to pursue a Data Science course in the United States of America at a top- notch university? Consider the following universities where you may study for either a Master’s or a Bachelor’s program.
Harvard University at Cambridge, USA has an M.S. in Data Science for 2 years or M.S. in Health Data Science for 1 year. It accepts GRE scores of 292.
Harvard University
This university which is located at Stanford, California offers an M.S. in Statistics-Data Science and accepts GRE scores of about
328. The duration is 2 years.
Stanford University
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology at Cambridge, USA offers a B.S. in Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science for four years.
Yale University in Connecticut, USA has an M.S. in Statistics and Data Science for a two-year duration at Rs. 40 lacs per year.
Yale University
The university is located in Philadelphia, USA, and offers an M.S. in Engineering and Data Science at Rs 30 lacs per year for 1.5 years.
University of Pennsylvania
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