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Upcoming Intake to Study in Canada

Let’s consider the timeline and various steps that you might need to take for studying in the upcoming intake, that is, September Intake in 2023.
You start researching about the institutes from April to August. Research as per your interests.
Researching about universities
Make a list and cut down on colleges that meet your financial and educational needs.
Cut down on Colleges
You need to familiarize yourself with various bank loans or college scholarships to seek financial assistance for your studies abroad.
Look out for financial help
By the time it’s September to November of the previous year, start preparing and appearing for English Language proficiency tests.
Appear for Tests
Next, from November 2022 to January 2023, once your documents are ready fill out the application form for your universities.
Fill out Application Forms
From January to February 2023, respond to various emails and messages from the colleges or institutes you are interested in studying.
Respond to Colleges
From March to April 2023, apply for your visa to Canada after settling your finances.
Visa Application
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