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US Student Visa Interview Questions 2023

For an F1 visa, an application interview is the most crucial part. The consular wants to know you before you enter the US; this allows them to match what is written on the application. Thus, proper preparation for this is recommended.
  • Study plans
  • University chosen
  • Academic capability
  • Financial status
  • Postgraduate or further plans

Usually, the interviewer asks about your:

What are some of the questions that might be asked?
Why are you going to the United States? What will you specialize in for your degree? What will be your major?
Do you know your professors at that university? What are their names? What city is your school located in?
Have you been to the United States before?
Why are you planning to continue your education? Can you not continue your education in your home country? Why choose the United States of America? Why not choose Canada or Australia?
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