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Vocational Courses After 10th

Vocational programs emphasize hands-on learning and on-the-job training, which leads to better and speedier employment prospects. There are a huge variety of vocational courses available. Some programs are listed here.
This vocational course is available after class 10 and is a one-year long course.
Word processing (MS Word)
This certificate course is available after class 10. This is a six-month-long certificate course.
Certificate in Desk-Top Publishing
This one-year-long vocational course is available after
class 10.
Poultry Farming
This is a one-year-long vocational course available after class 10. It teaches basic computer skills and applications.
Certificate in Computer Applications
This course available after
class 10 with IGNOU is for a duration of six months. It costs around INR5400.
Advanced Certificate in Information Security
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